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What We Do

Align strategy, optimise capital, execute transaction and devise turnaround strategies for enterprises for a better long-term value

Capital Markets

Assist enterprises through IPO or RTO approach to enter the capital markets in the various small to large stock exchanges including dual and secondary listing

Capital Raising

Assist with capital raising from venture capitals or private equities for private enterprises; various structures of innovative debt financing solutions and project financing solutions such as the Beta International Funding programme and Collateral-based Project Financing

CFO Service

Strategically, a CFO ensures the viability and/or profitability of the enterprise in an environment filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; with the sole purpose of delivering optimal value for shareholders


Assist in divestment, de-mergers, buyouts (leverage or management), distressed M&A and post-M&A alliances


Assist arrangement for debt financing or structured finance solutions, turnaround & performance improvement, strategic business optimisation, options analysis and crisis management for distress companies


Assist to build financial model & valuation analysis for business plans, capital raise; and for corporate M&A transactions, analysis of capital structures and strategic alternatives etc

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