Raising Capital

Our Approach

Asia Financial Consulting plays an active role in the companies we work with.  We have a long-term focus and pay close attention to the growth of the companies and their needs.  We serve on board to assist our portfolio companies with board governance, strategies and competency.

Our Criteria

  • Companies with positive EBITA seeking “growth capital” for expansion.
  • Companies to have value proposition and assets – unique IPs, patents, outstanding technology, excellent team with years of experience, etc…  These are of great importance for our confidence to invest and exit at a later stage.
  • A strong management team as we can continue to work with them closely to better the value of the post-investment in the businesses.

Steps to Raise Capital

  1. The Client is to prepare and submit business plan that includes the following for review:
    • Company name and registration details; including both registered address and operations address (if different)
    • Description of the product or services (listing any core technology or intellectual property rights) with highlights on how or why it stands above the various competitors
    • Analysis of the market and the competition; including future business and financial projections or forecast
    • Business model; including the revenue model
    • Sales and Marketing strategy that will chart growth and ensure optimal efficiency
    • Full resumes of key management (highlighting industry and market expertise) for us to ensure that competency exist in all various aspects of running the company
    • Proposed investment strategy, size and structure
    • Preferably 3 years of past and current financial statements
    • Concrete plans to exit through M&A or IPO
    • A 1-2 page executive summary
  2. Our expected fees will be made known on a case by case basis.
  3. We will sign a 3-month exclusive agreement with an initial deposit before beginning our work.  We will require between 1 month to 1.5 months to conclude the potential investment.