Investment and M&A Opportunities

Our Clients currently seek Investment Opportunities in the following sectors in Europe or Asia

  • Financial & Payments Industry Technologies
  • Deep Tech Innovations in the field of AI, IoT, Sensoric, Aerospace and Blockchain
  • Space and space-related Technology
  • Robotics and Industrial Automation
  • Medical Technology
  • Environmental Protection Solutions
  • New Industrial Materials & Manufacturing

On behalf of our clients, we are also looking for projects in the area of construction of conventional Power Plants, Solar Plants, LPG or LNG Storage Plants.


Our Team constantly qualifies new high-potential Targets as Investment Opportunities for our Clients

Innovative Deep Tech Companies in Europe and Asia seeking Lead or Co-Investors

  • IoT and Sensor Innovations
  • Aerospace / Drone Products and Solutions
  • Blockchain and AI Solutions
  • Med Tech (hardware and software innovations)
  • New Material and related Processes, innovative 3D Printing Solutions
  • New Space Companies, offering Products and Solution for Space 4.0
  • FinTech and innovative Payment Solutions

Current Projects in South-East Asia and African countries seeking Co-Investment

  • Construction of power plant
  • Building of water treatment plant
  • Building of roads, houses and hospitals

Current Projects in Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos open to Foreign Investors

  • Infrastructure Investments into road, housing or hospital projects

Current Clients seeking strategic investors

  • Technology Company focusing on Sports Content in South-East Asia
  • Medical Technology Company with hardware innovation pipeline
  • Leading Specialist in the Construction industry
  • Fast-growing Company in the Airline Industry