Approach to Raising Capital

We are looking for promising Investment Candidates

Venture Capital: Seed Stage, Pre-Series A or Series A/B Funding

Companies with strong USP, innovative deep tech and an excellent team is what we are looking for on behalf of our clients

Private Equity Capital, M&A, Asset Spin-Offs

Our clients are looking to invest in or buy-out companies with positive EBITDA or close to operational break-even, companies seeking growth capital for expansion, companies with unique IP / patents, outstanding technology, and excellent team with market leading expertise.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Our team is eager to have a look at your business case if we receive the following information:

  • One-page executive summary including investment requirement
  • Company name and registration details; including both registered address and operations address (if different)
  • Description of product or services (core technology, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Resumes of founders / key management (highlighting industry and market expertise)

Subsequently, our team requires additional information, such as:

  • Business model including revenue and pricing model
  • Future business and financial projections (in Excel format)
  • Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Key Partners, key customers, key projects, whichever applicable
  • Recent analysis of overall market, focus market segment(s) and key competition
  • Proposed investment size, structure and/or use of funds
  • Preferably 3 years of past and current financial statements
  • Plans to exit through M&A or IPO, if applicable