Approach to Capital Markets


There are different types of capital markets.  Generally, many perceive only the large corporations qualify for the capital markets.  What does your company need?  Low revenue?  Low profit?  Difficulties with VCs?  Consider the smaller capital markets because they are the alternative to a traditional IPO, enabling smaller or early stage companies to have easier access to capital.

We assist clients to the different European Stock Exchanges and assist them to raise capital regardless of their size.

Step 1

  • Overview of company business
  • Last 3 years financial statements (both in local currency and USD)
  • Latest interim statement of company officers
  • Growth plans summary
  • Amount of capital requested + Detailed use of proceeds
  • Financial projections of the next 5 years
  • Passport copies of Directors

Step 2

  • Meeting with management to understand the company and the purpose of filing.
  • Discussion and presentation of financing strategy (private placement, public offering or combination of both:
    for eg. Deutsche Börse or US reverse merger
  • Presentation of costs involved with the strategy;
    • Asia Financial Consulting Pte. Ltd.
    • Investment banking costs
    • Investor relations costs
    • Listing / Reverse merger costs

Step 3

  • Negotiation of engagement letter and retainers
  • Operating Process (post engagement signing)
  • Full due diligence checklist developed and issued
  • Investment Bank site inspection scheduled
  • Development of financing and listing materials (where appropriate)
  • Listing process starts from submission of all documents and fees.

Step 4

  • Preparation of Business Plan and Executive Summary
  • Improvement of existing website to incorporate “Investor Relations”
  • Preparation of Securities Prospectus
  • PR / IR Firm prepares public relations activities
  • PR / IR Firm plans pre-marketing strategy with investors and analysts
  • Send in admission of shares to trade
  • Prepare custody and settlement of shares.